Our Principles

Avoid Negative Business Impact

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Since our audits occasionally occur during typical working hours, we strive to never impede on client productivity or profitability.

Leave No Trace

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While real criminals could break glass or destroy property, we want your team to be unaware that an audit has even taken place. Unless specifically designed for it, we avoid leaving any evidence of our security assessments.

Encrypt Client Information

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All data, notes, and reports that we create and collect on you or your organization are always stored on 256-bit AES encrypted storage.

Document Everything

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In order to provide the best possible vulnerability assessment, we will make every effort to document our process. This allows us to create a comprehensive final report with no missing pieces.

Maintain Client Contact

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In the case of an incident occurring during one of our engagements, we require a direct way to reach our client point of contact. This allows us to provide authentic authorization to any authorities.

Keep Clients Private

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We care about your privacy. Who we do business with is considered confidential information. Unless given explicit authority to do so, we will not divulge this information outside of our own company.

Offence is the Best Defense

By acting as the adversary to you or your business, our team can find and exploit the vulnerabilities that a standard security audit wouldn’t.